About Me!


I am a Physics graduate student at Syracuse University doing research on Gravitational Wave Physics. I work with Prof. Duncan Brown for the  LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) Scientific collaboration and am a member of Syracuse University Gravitational Wave Group.  My research interest lies primarily in studying compact binary coalescence that are visible through gravitational waves. More specifically, I am interested in the theoretical aspects of classical gravitation and the modeling aspects of gravitational wave signals from compact binary objects. 

Thus far, I have been involved in studying the ringdown signal that is produced when binary back holes collide. These signals contain imprints of the black hole potential and the event horizon and thus are very important signatures to validate the general theory of relativity. I have been involved in looking at the ringdown signal of GW150914 (the first gravitational wave detection by LIGO). Currently I am working on understanding the measure of “Kerrness” of a perturbed black hole by looking at quantities in the source and asymptotic frames. I am also in the process of coding up Tidal distortion effect into Effective one body waveform generation that can be used by LIGO for analyzing future anticipated detections of neutron star binaries.

In my spare time, I pretend to be an artist. I am fascinated by surrealist and impressionist styles of painting and enjoy watching how they manages to capture a whole poetic perspective of the artist rather than just a snapshot. I love spending time in art museums and two of the most expressive painting, that totally capture me are the Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Dali and Love and Pain by Munch. When I make my paintings, I mostly play with oil-colors but I occasionally do try other mediums like acrylic, water, ink and pastels as well. Apart from this, I love traveling and seeing places.